A venture fund and startup studio building solutions for a regenerative world.


An innovative approach

Our vision is a thriving, interconnected world where life is improved through invention.

Good Machine is a new venture studio at the intersection of community driven technology, inspired humans, and symbiotic capital. We build solutions for a better world by developing technologies creatively and connecting people through elevated communication.

These solutions are prototyped, incubated, and launched into new companies.


Empowering diverse communities with tools that increase their agency in a sustainable future.

Our Values are integral to and indivisible from our vision and mission:


Nurture balance across our global community by honoring the sacred and supporting regenerative growth for all life.


Combine a gritty, action-biased attitude with the consistency of purpose and curiosity to create elegant solutions.


Foster lasting, meaningful relationships by treating everyone with respect, transparency, and apolitical generosity.


A uniquely capable leadership team

Dave Solomon

Chief Executive Officer

Has a 20-year history developing new tech in Silicon Valley.  Most recently, he built a profitable business that improves at-sea transparency, of even the smallest vessels, in over 35 countries worldwide. Leveraging a low-cost, technology solution, Dave and his team are providing agency and opportunity for a constantly growing community of the 50 million small scale fishers worldwide. 

He is an expert at building collaborative ventures and creating new markets for impact businesses.

Sabrina Roshan

Chief Impact Officer

She was a Special Assistant and Policy Advisor to the U.S. Government's representative at the World Bank Group Board of Directors where she oversaw investment lending, risk guarantees, and venture capital investments in emerging markets.

Her expertise is in measuring Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) metrics across public and private sector interventions in developing countries.

Josh Burgess

Chief Operating Officer

Managed Unreasonable Group’s Global Community in scaling and financing more than 150 growth equity portfolio companies operating in 180 countries and generating over $1.5 billion in revenue. 

Josh is also a retired U.S. Air Force Colonel who led strategic coalition operations and logistics in multiple military theaters over a distinguished 25-year career.

Louise Hilsen

Head of Strategic Partnerships and Diversity

Has over 25 years of experience in legislative advocacy and strategy with particular experience in food safety, nutrition and wellness, supply chain and environment, and the emerging global issues of biotechnology and biofuels.

She is the former VP of Government Relations for Nestlé and a fierce advocate for human rights and diversity.

Tom Chi

Partner and Head of Product

Has pioneered rapid prototyping concepts that have led to 75 patents, and innovative processes utilized by more than a dozen industry-leading companies (e.g., Microsoft, Yahoo). 

As co-founder and Head of Product Experience at Google X, he led development on Google Glass and autonomous vehicles.