We are a venture studio that invents, deploys, and scales solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

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Global Challenges

Climate catastrophes, economic hardship, declining resources, escalating conflict, and ecosystem collapse threaten our shared future. Alone, traditional venture capital and philanthropy cannot meet the pace of change facing humanity.

Good Machine is a venture studio that leverages a world-class network of research facilities, NGOs, philanthropies, corporates, engineers, scientists, and venture capitalists to create end-to-end solutions for critical global challenges.

Partnerships Selection

BFI is a fiscal sponsor of Good Machine


We support the JLL Foundation in funding climate-impacting startups with a non-traditional approach to impact investing, providing zero-interest loans that enable early-stage companies to grow and thrive. In a virtuous cycle, JLL Foundation reinvests the returned funds into further worthy startups.

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A uniquely capable team

Drawing on expertise from leading engineers, entrepreneurs, and social scientists,
we build new models that can dramatically reduce speed-to-market for high-impact, transformative solutions

Dave Solomon

Chief Executive Officer

David brings a 20-year history of developing new tech in Silicon Valley. He is an expert at building impact-focused, collaborative ventures. Most recently, Dave built a profitable business to bring transparency to the vessels at sea in over 35 countries. This project introduced a low-cost, tech solution which gave agency to a growing community of 50 million small-scale fishers worldwide.

Tom Chi

Partner & Head of Product

Tom has pioneered rapid prototyping concepts that have led to 75 patents, and innovative processes utilized by more than a dozen industry-leading companies (e.g., Microsoft, Yahoo). 

As co-founder and Head of Product Experience at Google X, he led development on Google Glass and autonomous vehicles.

Jen Cole

VP, Strategy & Impact

Jen has extensive experience in social impact consulting for Fortune 500 Companies and NGOs. She has brokered partnerships for stakeholders ranging from small holders, to multinationals, to government, to civil society organisations. Jen has a deep understanding of social and environmental challenges and is a specialist in sustainable food value chains. Her passion is equitable growth in complex global systems.

Max Konstantinovsky

Entrepreneur in Residence

Max focuses on user experience, business strategy, and corporate development. He has filmed documentaries on the frontlines of war and managed product at a collective reasoning AI company contracted by governments and Big Three consultancies. Max is a venture partner at one of the largest international impact investment firms based in Ukraine. 

Emma Petmecky

Project Manager

Emma brings invaluable experiences and insights into communications, adaptability, and flexibility from living and working in 5 countries. A diverse background in marketing, business development, and consulting complements her studies in business and entrepreneurship.

Beth Van Eman

Product Manager

Beth has more than 30 years working in various roles for tech companies in Silicon Valley, from startup to Fortune 500, always striving to streamline an idea's path from engineering to shipped product.  Her superpower is zeroing in on the questions that need to be asked and keeping track of the answers.

Dag Syrrist

Strategic Advisor for Venture Capital

Dag has over 30 years of experience in venture, fund management, business development, and public policy. Working in the U.S. and Europe, Dag has chaired and worked with numerous private and governmental advisory and policy boards in technology and regulatory affairs including the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, National Science Foundation, White House Office of Science and Technology, and NATO Scientific Advisory Board.

Louise Hilsen

Strategic Advisor for Partnerships

Louise has over 25 years of experience in government service and public policy advocacy emphasising food safety, nutrition, supply chain, and environment. In her career, Louise has focused on helping large corporates such as Nestle improve the lives of low-income and vulnerable populations using sustainable commercial strategies. She is a fierce advocate for human rights and the strengthening of public health systems.